A new generation
of virtual assistant

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What is
and how can it help
your company?

The way we communicate with one another has evolved. We have entered in a new era in which robots are capable of conversing with people naturally, and in which it becomes increasingly difficult to tell who your real interlocutor is.

MAIA is an artificial intelligence-based service for your company that can interact with people in a natural and dynamic way, through spoken and written language, successfully addressing all of your customers needs.

MAIA processes all the enquiries and always comes with the best answer to them:


MAIA completely solves your customers’ requests in a personalized and immediate way.

Or collaborating with a
specialist consultant,

MAIA handles effectively the most complex tasks.

Be different,

Improvement of customer satisfaction by more than 10%: quick, simple and efficient customer journeys.

Availability and immediacy: available 24/7, with no waiting time.

Costs reduction by at least 25%: better productivity and financial efficiency.

Teams engagement and empowerment: focus on added value tasks and smart routing.

High security level: biometric authentication capability.

Una nueva generación de Contact Center: la inteligencia artificial de MAIA como garantía de eficiencia y satisfacción del cliente

What characterises

A solid and robust technological solution hosted in the cloud. Scalable and easy to integrate.

MAIA guarantees to your customers a precise and personalised response, through:

MAIA Engine

the engine handling the dialogue with the customer.

Combines two components:

  • The Interpreter, to understand the customer’s need (98% of intentions identified),
  • And the Brain, to make the best decision on how to address the customer´s needs.

MAIA Memory

the source of knowledge.

It stores all the necessary information:

  • The process flows to apply to each customer request.
  • The history of all the interactions.

MAIA Panel

Total traceability and control.

Offers a continued, real-time view of the main service indicators.

  • Service panel: an end-to-end view of the treatment of interactions by type.
  • Technical panel: an overview of the status of each of the system’s components.

MAIA improves every day.

By using these elements and machine learning, it analyses, decides, learns and predicts, to offer the best customer experience.

Un servicio con el que
todos ganamos

MAIA proporciona beneficios para tu empresa aumentando su valor, para tus clientes incrementando su satisfacción y para tus agentes incrementando su engagement.

Para tu empresa

Contribuye a fidelizar a tus clientes.

Incrementa el valor de cada cliente.

Reduce significativamente los costes e incrementa la rentabilidad de cada cliente.

Mejora la imagen de tu marca.

Proporciona nuevas fuentes de ingresos.

Para tus clientes

Atención personalizada a través de cualquier canal.

Proporciona atención más rápida y sin esperas.

Adapta las conversaciones a sus sentimientos.

Analiza su comportamiento y predice sus necesidades.

Para tus agentes

Reduce sus tareas repetitivas y monótonas.

Minimiza los errores.

Permite enfocarse en tareas que aporten valor al cliente.

Potencia sus habilidades y desarrolla nuevas competencias: más digitales y analíticas.

Fomenta el trabajo colaborativo entre agente y MAIA.

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